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I am so excited to be launching the first dance HIIT, dance fitness class ever! With not a Burpee or bear crawl in site. VIBIZA is pure dance, to pure Ibiza 00s and 90s anthems. Take Sandstorm for example, the build uses slow lyrical dance moves combined with body balance for the ultimate in core strength. As the music builds so do you and on the drop we go for it, fast dance moves but at your own pace, plenty of jumping if you want it but not if you don't. As long as your heart is beating fast it doesn't matter how fast you go. The slow sections work like HIIT (high intensity interval training) so we trick your heart into thinking we have slowed down, then go for it again for the maximum amount of calories.

But forget all that, because we have disco lightS, we have a stage and we have a sea view and the best venue in town! VIBIZA is set to burn maximum calories, have maximum fun and also you to just let it all go!!

VIBIZA has developed from years of dancing, i created Swagga Fit and OMG that is just insanely amazing, Sandstorm we featured in class and it was so awesome, i had a lightbulb moment and so VIBIZA was born. Dance HIIT, what an idea, to use the technique that burns fast and high but doing what you love? Well that's just the best idea ever! To have Swagga Fit and now VIBIZA and so many of my amazing crazy dancers is just mind-blowing, and i am so excited to bring this new INCREDIBLE class to our town. BRING IT ON XXX

Only 7 days left guys. I am just ridiculously excited.

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