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Power Yoga Flow 

Power Yoga flow, is a faster form of yoga, that flows from one posture into the next, in a dance like feel. The poses are strong, but it does not mean you will be standing on your head, they are normal poses, held, repeated and flowed. Power yoga burns calories, builds muscle strength and endurance and works on your core, as you hold postures and flow from each Asana. It improves flexibility, strength, mobility and muscle tone.

Yoga is like magic, as you flow through each move and channel your energy and focus on breathing, you can feel it working ,not just physically but mentally too. Yoga has helped me through so much these past few years and I want it to help you too. We are a lovely class of normal people of all ages, shapes and size. Options are given so you take it to your own level. The best bit, is the amazing Zen feeling you get after the relaxation, it is pure magic. 

We do a new sequence every half term, so for 6 - 7 weeks you can really work on the postures and build your strength and flexibility, each week you improve and it is amazing to watch.

 We have ambient music in the background and it has a lovely laid back feel. 

All you need is a yoga mat.


Drop in or book online

Withycombe Primary School Hall

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