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Vibiza 90's and 00's club classics! A combo of high and low intensity moves, combining aerobic dance with Flow, inspired by Yoga poses. The combo? Insane... working like HIIT, it burns calories even when you get home and the yoga poses tone and builds muscles and core strength. Feel the euphoria and have FUN! Whoop, dance, sweet and burn! 

Vibiza- it's on a whole new level 



Exmouth College Dance Studio, Green Close (2nd entrance)

£7 Drop in or book online

Free car parking

A bit more about Vibiza....A dance fitness class like no other! Feel the nostalgia from 90's and 00's club classics and anthems! High intensity Aerobic dance inspired moves and sequences, fused with slow Flow, inspired by yoga. The effect...? Like HIIT but in the most fun and happy way!


You only go as fast as you want to go, as long as your heart is beating faster than normal, then it is working. The Flow slows the heart, tricking it into thinking you have stopped, then you go back into high intensity (to your own level, options are given) which burns calories and shreds fat, but the yoga poses also tone and build muscle and core strength, the effects are instant and the best bit, you are still burning calories even after class.


It is an amazing class and in just 4 weeks you will feel the benefits and soon pick up the moves.


Everyone that comes is of all ages, shapes and abilities, we all do it to our own level, but most of all, we do it for the fun! We whoop, we laugh, we sing (try to) and we release so many feel good endorphins, it sets us up for the whole week.


If you love 90's and 00's club classics, dance, yoga and having fun, then you will love Vibiza.


Any questions feel free to message me 07766940021


I can't wait to meet you


Mandi X

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