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It's not just a class- we are family

Classes in Swagga Fit- iconic dances, from MTV, Movies, Chart and Disco. Vibiza Aerobic Dance fused with Yoga flow to 90s dance anthems.  Love Yoga then join us for Power Yoga Flow, with new sequences every 6 weeks. 

Join our wonderful family, it's not just about getting fit, it is how it makes you feel. Dance and yoga with friends... it's a way of life.

Much Love

Mandi Cox. Founder and proud owner

Classes in Exmouth

All your bookings can be made on line just click here 

"It's like a girls night out without the alcohol"


With fabulous classes and huge events it's what everyone is talking about!



"Friday's Swagga Fit class is a fabulous way to let off your energy from the week and to give you a buzz and get you rolling for the weekend! My favourite dances are the 70's disco numbers that make me want to let my hair down and just dance away. I totally recommend this class!"!

- Giselle King, Swagga Fit, Exmouth

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